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Under the auspices of the ARAI Academy, the German language and culture is brought to the students through the formation of the German Club. Under the German club, the members will be given free lectures on basic German to students, who are interested in pursuing higher studies in Germany and to those who like associating themselves with the German language and culture. (This is already being organized from last two years. Through this club, we wish to establish a “verein” for promoting the German language and exchanging information of opportunities in different fields in Germany. Our motto is to improve our German knowledge and at the same time develop & forge contacts and relationships which will help to widen our horizon for the cultural and technical exchange with Germany.

As a part of this endeavor, we would like extend the activities of the club to enable exposure of the students. Some of the activities are:
  • German Language learning.
  • Learn to make CV (Das Lebenslauf)
  • Extempore & Group Discussions in German
  • Industrial visits in German companies
  • Awareness on opportunities like jobs, scholarships and fellowships.
  • Alliance with Max-Mueller Bhavan (MMB), Indo German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), International German Chambers Network (AHK), Deutscher Academischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)
  • Invite German speakers from Industry & Academia to deliver lectures.
  • Movies, slide shows, excursions & cultural activities.
  • Arranging Competitions among students.
  • Create Newsletter, if possible.

This way, learning outside the classroom is ensured and a launchpad is provided for students aspiring to get connected to Germany. We believe that this endeavor will be a success and a lot of aspiring Indian students will be able to realize their dreams.


Unsere Arbeitsgruppe enthaltet

  • Dr. K.C Vora, Dy. Direktor und Chef, ARAI Akademie
  • Dr. Sanjay Patil, DGM, ARAI Akademie
  • Aditya Ramesh, Haupt-Studierende Koordinator
  • Vignesh Iyer, Studierende Koordinator
  • Ayush Sood, Studierende Koordinator
  • Darshana Sanghvi, Deutsch Lehrerin


  • Seit zwei Jahren, bieten wir kostenlose Deutschkurs für interessierte Studenten an
  • Hierdurch, wir ermutigen die Studenten um
    • Deutsch zu verbessern
    • Ein Projektssemester bei TUB zu machen
    • Job Möglichkeiten in Deutschland zu finden

Contact Us

B-16/1, MIDC, Chakan, Mahalunge Ingale,
Maharashtra 410501


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