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Book, Conference Proceedings & Project Reports

(books and project reports on various topics like powertrain, electric & hybrid vehicles, emissions, NVH, brakes, fatigue, vehicle dynamics, safety, automotive electronics, automotive materials, management, soft skills, etc. This include technical reports, seminar/conference proceedings such as SAE, SIAT, IMechE, FISITA, etc..)

+ 8000


InTech Open Access Books


+ 397


(ADR, AIS, ASTM, BS, DIN, EEC/ECE, InteRegs, IS, ISO, JASO, Japanese standards, SAE standards and Australian Design Rules are available on CD)

+ 15000
SAE Technical Papers from 1974 onwards

(Technical Papers from 1974 to 1997 - Hard Copies

(Technical Papers from 1998 onwards - E-format through SAE Digital Library)

+ 50000

+ 75000 (approx)

SAE SP/PT/P Publications + 500
Journals and Magazines 34
Periodicals on Gratis & Exchange 12

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