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Digital Library (Institutional Repository) of ARAI, Pune is developed to capture, organize, preserve and disseminate research publications of ARAI. It includes ARAI Update, Automotive Abstracts, Conference Proceedings, SIAT Keynote Papers, SIAT Technical Papers, Seminar Papers, Technical Papers published by ARAI employees, News related to ARAI, Open Access Books and eBooks. Apart from these collections, Digital Library also provides links of available online resources like SAE Digital Library, Patent Search, Daily Auto News, etc. ARAI Digital Library contains +1800 digital documents.

The Digital Library is created using DSpace Open Source software. There are multiple levels of searches including basic, advanced and keyword search facilities. Users can search and retrieve the documents using search bars provided on the homepage or can browse using author, title, subject and dates.

The objective of Digital Library is to preserve original research documents of ARAI in digital format leading to concise Knowledge Management and improve library services by providing qualitative and quantitative resource sharing to the user with minimum time.

It provides the access to all ARAI Executives through the intranet within the campus. They can have access directly on their desktop through Intranet, whereas Industry Professionals can access by personally visiting ARAI Knowledge Centre.

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