One Month Summer / Winter Internship Program (SIP)

Are you looking for gaining a knowledge about Automobile working, testing, design & analysis of components, a One Month Summer Internship Program (SIP) is here to help you out! So what’s in it? Two weeks classroom session covering Introduction of IC engine, Overview of automotive industry, Combustion in IC engine, Engine emission, Alternate fuels, Automotive systems, Vehicle safety, Steering & Suspension systems, Braking system, Automotive materials and it’s role in crashworthiness, Automotive electrical system, Engine electronics & management system, Microcontrollers & communication systems for automobiles, Noise, vibration & harshness, Battery management system and Electric vehicles. In line with this, students will get hands-on over different softwares and Simulation tool from AVL, Ricardo, Gamma Technology, ANSYS and Altair. Students can also perform engine test cell experiments on Engine Dynamometer, Arduino based projects for automotive electronics, EMI Tests and NVH Tests. They can also learn from cut section of running systems. Students can visit Knowledge Center and browse SAE digital library free of charge during this period. Student will learn to demonstrate independent learning ability necessary for conducting professional development and become self-disciplined self-motivated, demonstrating personal responsibility in the pursuit of studies and professional practice. This One month course will help you understand Automotive Engineering System, it’s basics and advances of component design and get the feel of it. Its consist of 2 weeks of classroom sessions, 1 week of Hands-on (Practical) sessions and 1 week of automotive industrial visits to understand present era of automotive sector.

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