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Rashmi Urdhwareshe

The Governing Council of ARAI is aware that the vision to make ARAI Academy as one of the top automotive academies in the world is bold and ambitious. There have been and continue to be significant challenges to face, but following extensive review of progress since 2004, we remain committed to the Vision and believe it to be achievable.

The biggest assets that any country owns is its human resources. India has that demographic advantage and dividend that we need to encash on. For this, the appropriate skill development of the manpower is essential. Thus, ARAI started venturing into this endeavour since last two decades. With rich facilities at ARAI and experienced and well-versed expertise available, we took upon us the task of creating the best skilled manpower.

This Website updates the first reworking of the ARAI Academy. Clear progress has been made to date, but there is still much to do and the Academy is now working on a new Vision and Strategic Plan, supported by new strategies, to take it beyond 2020. To succeed, the Academy will have to be more innovative in fostering world class research, creating exemplary learning opportunities, engaging the wider Society and effective in nurturing the talents of our own staff, trainees and students. It will also have to ensure key enabling strategies necessary to develop the Academy's resource base and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan continues to demand energy, commitment, courage and determination from all the centres (Learning, Training & Knowledge) and locations (Kothrud & Chakan) of the Academy, as also from various departments of ARAI and our key partners & supporters. The automotive industry has been supportive and appreciative of our efforts which can be seen from its overwhelming response with their active participation. This is an enormous challenge for all of us, particularly with the current challenges of Human Resource Development, but one that we continue to approach with great confidence and enthusiasm.

I wish ARAI Academy and their faculty all the best and I envisage that this skill development wind to blossom into one of the finest knowledge imparting and sharing institutions in the world.

Mrs. R. H. Urdhwareshe
Director, ARAI

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