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ARAI Academy is governed by three bodies - Academic Board, Academic Councils and Academy Staff Members.

Academic Board has members from within ARAI. The members of the Academic Board typically help the department to take the decisions within the ARAI framework. Members also take upon the responsibilities of not only teaching but also encouraging their department staff to do the same.

Academic Council is a high-level committee, which take the decisions on the admission, Curriculum, syllabus, ratifying the syllabus changes as suggested by the Board of Studies. Since most of the members are co-opted from the industry, their advice help us to frame the syllabus as per the industry requirements. Thus we are able deliver industry ready engineers. As we have association with four academic institutions, each one has constituted its own Academic Council.

Although the staff members from different ARAI departments take part in content delivery, Academy has faculty and staff team whose primary responsibility is to teach, coordinate and oversee the smooth functioning of the day to day activities at the department. The staff also takes care of administration, finance & accounts, industrial visits, Placements, Projects and other extra curricular activities.

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