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ARAI Knowledge Centre has collection of around 23,000 books & standards on various topics like powertrain, electric & hybrid vehicles, emissions, NVH, brakes, fatigue, vehicle dynamics, safety, automotive electronics, automotive materials, management, soft skills, etc. This include technical reports, seminar/conference proceedings such as SAE, SIAT, IMechE, FISITA, etc.

Knowledge Centre, set up in the year 1975, is a fully automated special library and is one of the finest libraries in India having specific collection in automotive and related subjects. The primary goal is to cater to all types of information needs of in-house researchers. The Knowledge Centre serves professionals, students, faculty and various government organizations. In 2011, Knowledge Centre (KC) was renovated to enhance seating capacity for referring & reading. KC also provides free access to all ARAI Academy Alumni and all SAE members in India. The renovation undertaken has greatly improved its environment, comfort, safety & security by addition of centralized A.C. system, Fire Alarm System and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system.

Every year more than 100 books are added to Knowledge Centre. It has a rich collection of National and International standards like ADR, ASTM, BS, DIN, InteRegs, IS, ISO, JASO, SAE, JIS, etc. It also has a good collection of national and international journals with back volumes. Collection of SAE Technical papers is another value addition to the Knowledge Centre.

Its vision is to cater to the information / knowledge needs of its users by providing value-added and user focused services.

Knowledge Centre contributes to the fulfillment of the ARAI's Mission by:
  • Selecting, acquiring, organizing, maintaining & providing access to a collection of resources that will support research & development, testing and educational activities.
  • Publishing monthly periodical "Automotive Abstracts", a monthly survey of automotive and related technical literature/patents.
  • Responding to the needs of the internal / external members/customers.
  • Providing users induction, personal assistance in conducting literature research & other reference services.
  • Enhance library resources, staff and services through training and upgradation.
The following are the services rendered by Knowledge Centre to Industry & Academia:
  • Membership: Knowledge Centre offers the annual memberships to educational and research institutes, automotive companies and professional from automotive field. Every year an average of 100 institutions benefit from knowledge centre. It has started Book Borrowing facility.
  • Document Delivery Service: It provides document delivery of technical articles to its customers for the purpose of research work only on reasonable charges.
  • Publication: It publishes a monthly periodical 'Automotive Abstracts (ISSN No. 0970-7115)'which offers the most comprehensive service to the automotive industry in India. It includes Auto news, Techno scan, IPR scan, Forthcoming Events etc., in the field of Automotive. Every year an average of 150 subscribers benefit from the publication.
  • Literature Search Service: Carry out literature search on the keywords provided by the users in its print and digital collection and compiles lists of references.
  • Reference Service: Provides assistance to find out or locate a book or material for users and suggests sources on a topic of interest.
  • Circulation: Books are issued to all eligible users as per their entitlements. Every year books on latest technology are added to enhance the knowledge.
  • User Awareness Programme: The knowledge centre takes an active part in the orientation programme organized by the institute for the benefit of new staff and students. They are taken around the library to familiarize them with various resources and services available.
  • Institutional Repository (Digital Library): It is developed to capture, organize, preserve and disseminate the knowledge. This repository includes Conference Proceedings, SIAT Keynote & Technical Papers, SIAT Announcements, Seminar Papers, Staff Publications, ARAI Updates, Automotive Abstracts, News Clippings, and Open Access E-Books etc. The contents of this repository is organized in various collections. It provides the access to all staff and students only through the intranet within the campus.

Library transaction timings are from Monday to Friday as per below timings. For more details, please contact:

ARAI-KC, Kothrud: 9:00 to 16:30 hrs
Mrs. S.S. Das, Manager, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel. +91-20-30231192).

FID-KC, Chakan: 8:30 to 16:00 hrs
Dr. A. Madhava Rao, Deputy Manager, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel. +91-2135-396685).


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