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Guidelines For Arai Academy Students Dos and Don’ts

  1. Be on time for the lectures as per the Time Table.
  2. Always observe the rules of the road inside the premises of ARAI & on the approach road.
  3. All the students have to come in Uniform everyday except for the last day of the month mentioned in the ARAI Academy Calendar.
  4. Shoes are compulsory & no Chappals or Sandals are allowed.
  5. All students have to wear ARAI Identity Card daily on every working day, without which you will not be allowedto enter the ARAI premises.ARAI Identity Card is a important document & utmost care is to be taken to safeguard it.
  6. You should fill-up leave form with proper justification if you are planning to be absent. In case of your attendancefor any Subject being less than 75%, you will not be allowed to appear for exam of that subject.
  7. The timings for the Breakfast / Snacks & Lunch are to be strictly followed (Breakfast- 9.30 to 9.45 am, Lunch – 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm).
  8. All the Table Manners & Etiquettes are to be followed in the Canteen.
  9. Follow the instructions given by the Faculties and Human Resource Management &Administration.
  10. Observe safety instructions as applicable to the place/laboratory to bevisited.
  11. Follow the signage on entry of each laboratory.
  12. In case of any emergency, follow the evacuation route or contactARAI escort/guide.
  13. You all will present yourself for physical frisking (Search) by Securityon entry to and exit from the premises.
  14. Photography and videography in the premises of ARAI is strictly prohibited.
  15. Do not loiter in and around campus except the Academy Classrooms, Computer Lab & Knowledge Centre in ‘A’ & ‘D’ Building.
  16. Do not overstay beyond your stipulated timings without prior permission.
  17. Do not touch or interfere with any vehicle/component/equipment.
  18. Do not throw/dispose the disposables in open.
  19. Consuming Liquor or Drugs in the premises of ARAI or entering the premises under influence of Liquor or Drugs is strictly prohibited.
  20. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the ARAI premises.
  21. Ragging of fellow students or students of other Institutions in any form is strictly prohibited

Dos and Don'ts of Information Security Awareness

Guideline for PC/e-mail/Internet use

SrNo Description
A Internet
1 Don't Browse Porn sites.
2 Don’t chat on Gtalk/yahoo/ orkut/face book.
3 Don't leave the Internet browser open for long time.
4 Don't browse the unknown sitesand social security sites.
5 Don't download & install any of freeware softwarelike screensavers, freeware software & its SrNo crack, songs, Online Games, movies, live radio & TV.
B Mail
1 Don't send e-mails with Heavy attachments Recommended is 2 to 5 MB Max.
2 Avoid marking of same mail to multiple recipients
3 Don't open mail from unknown recipients and do not open the link provided in the mail.
4 Update your local address book continuously.
C Desktop
1 Don't install Pirated software on any  PC in Computer lab or any other PC.
2 Don't put multiple copies of  unwanted data   on PC like presentations, Songs, Video clips etc.
3 Scan the outside data before downloading. Most of the data is transferred  through USB pen drive. Scan it before downloading.
4 Shut down the PC in lunch break if possible
5 Lock the PC and switch off the monitor in small break time or when your are not at your seat.
6 Keep the PC always in energy saver Mode.

Guidelines For Project Students

  1. You should be punctual and sign the muster in the morning while entering and in the evening while going out. You should fill-up leave form with proper justification if you are planning to be absent.
  2. Use of USB, compact disc, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  3. Student should work on the specific PCs for a specific time allotted to them.Access to other Academy PCs is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students cannot access Academy students’ old project reports, Software Manuals, Academy databank, project agreements, etc. with written approval.
  5. Printing, photocopying of books, project reports, confidential data etc is strictly prohibited.
  6. Student should not access internet facility unless authorized.
  7. Student arenot allowed to work after office hours without prior approval.
  8. You would not submit any abstract, papers, patent or presentation without written permission of HOD.
  9. Student should give a copy of letter issued to him at the time of joining to project guide / concerned engineer.

Strict compliance to above procedural norms is essential.

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