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Mrs. Medha S. Jambhale

India is now at the forefront in Automotive Technology with ranking as 6th largest Passenger vehicle Manufacturer. We aspire to be third largest manufacturer by 2026, as per Automotive Mission Plan (AMP-2026). In coming years, Indian automotive and component industry will be required to design automotive systems and components with proper techniques and analysis. For this, we would require around 65 Million manpower in the next 10 years.

ARAI has embarked upon a programme of building human resources by commencing undergraduate, post graduate & Doctoral programs in collaboration with Vellore Institute of Technology University (VIT), College of Engineering Pune (CoEP), VelTech University (VTU), Chennai and Christ University Faculty of Engineering (CUFE), Bengaluru. The purpose of these programs is to create a new breed of undergraduate & post graduate engineers with in depth theoretical and deep practical knowledge to meet the needs of modern Automotive Industry. Also, the industry has been whole-heartedly participation in the various programmes. Employees from Cummins, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Woodward, Mahindra and Mahindra, Magna Styer, Tata Hendrickson and Eaton Technologies have been participating in our M Tech programmes specially catering to the industry professionals in the field of Engine Technology, Powertrain Electronics and Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering.

The foundation of ARAI Academy was made in 2004, which created a once-in-an-institutional-lifetime opportunity to re-think the idea of a major Learning & Development (L&D) led Academy. The founding vision was of a new institution mobilized around the pursuit of ambitious “step change” improvement, determined to develop excellence in all its activities and to mobilize the knowledge, talent & achievements of ARAI in the service of the mobility community of professionals, faculty & students. Now over halfway through our journey, it is clear that the ARAI Academy has enjoyed unprecedented success and is well positioned through its clear strategic vision to deal with the challenges ahead.

There have been many significant achievements in the past few years in imparting education to students through Industry-Academia collaboration, in providing training to students, faculty & professionals through Proficiency Improvement Programmes (PIPs) & Domain Training Programmes (DTPs), in knowledge repository & transfer through digital library, creating E-learning modules and hosting on Learning Management System (LMS), in out-of-classroom education by partnering with SAEINDIA for AWIM, BAJA & SUPRA and the wider infrastructure & environment of the Academy. This has culminated in the form of “Best Learning Centre Award”, bestowed by the Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD) to ARAI Academy & Knowledge Centre in the year 2011 and “Quality Excellence Award for Teaching & Learning Practices” in the year 2015.

As we plan for a future that will be quite different to that we envisaged in 2004, or even a couple of Years ago, it is appropriate to consider how we wish to define and distinguish the future of ARAI Academy. We must be both moral and scholastic, but above all we must be an organization that demands and expects excellence in every aspect of our mission, and is a real campus for learning & research. Excellence must be a distinguishing factor for ARAI Academy. In striving for this, we are inevitably challenged by our austere external environment. We will set out our ambitions, strategies and priorities for the next decade, building on the success of our achievements to date. New strategies relating to Research, Higher Learning like Doctoral & Post-Doctoral programmes, in house Laboratories & Workshops, Digital Library, ARAI Journal, Paper Publication & Patents, Curriculum Development, and Accreditation will become a strategic blueprint for realizing the Vision and Mission of the Academy and positioning it among the top automotive academies in the world.

We are grateful to all past and present Directors of ARAI, especially Mr. Balraj Bhanot, Mr Shrikant Marathe and Mrs Rashmi Urdhawareshe and leadership team at our Academic Partner Institutions for their encouragement and support. We owe to all the staff members, Alumni students and other colleagues for sparing their valuable time and energy to nourish ARAI Academy.

With an alumni strength of 1000+, over 20+ faculty members and supporting faculty from industry of over 100+, we see a bright future for ARAI Academy and a tremendous growth in our resources both in infrastructure and human resources.

Mrs. Medha S. Jambhale
Head, ARAI Academy

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