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ARAI Academy Alumni Association

Our alumni are an essential part of the Automotive community as collaborators, advisors, industry contacts, program ambassadors and friends. We welcome all alumni to engage with us and to learn about our exciting research and educational activities. It is an exciting time at ARAI Academy!

Your interests are important to us; we hope you will remain active members of the ARAI Academy Alumni community. Your support and participation can help us preserve and enhance our already outstanding reputation for excellence in both undergraduate and graduate education, as well as in scholarly research.

In Last year we have started with e-PIP, which will be very useful knowledge enhancement using these online E modules. For more information you can go through Training centre part in ARAR Academy website.

Also for making industry interaction with our Alumni easy we have uploaded Roaster of all the branches in this website.

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B-16/1, MIDC, Chakan, Mahalunge Ingale,
Maharashtra 410501


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