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The mission of the ARAI ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ("AAAA" or "Association") is to foster beneficial connections among alumni, students, faculty, administration and staff.

To implement this mission, the Association works from within the Office of ARAI ACADEMY at ARAI, Pune with the following goals:

  • To ensure that alumni have the means to communicate their accomplishments, interests and concerns to other members of the Association/Academy;
  • To support the fund-raising activities and priorities of the Association/ARAI Academy;
  • To generate sponsorship for different events of mutual interests;
  • To generate scholarships etc. for knowledge dessimination;
  • To encourage individual alumni to pursue financial support to the Association/ARAI Academy;
  • To conduct and encourage research activities in the national interest;
  • To foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the Association/Academy;
  • To provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time and talents on behalf of the ARAI Academy and its students;
  • To offer alumni a chance to improve upon their theoretical and practical knowledge so as to directly or indirectly benefit their professional and personal lives;
  • To offer alumni access to literature in the ARAI central library on discounted rates;
  • To provide alumni with the means to connect with other alumni for networking and for exchange of information and ideas;
  • To encourage Alumni to help and motivate needy students who seeks career in higher education and services;
  • To implement and support Government, Semi Government and Non Government Organization (NGO) programs on Education, Research, Science, Engineering and Technology;
  • To perform all such kinds of acts which are just, proper and necessary for fulfilling objectives and aims of the ARAI.

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